Some years back nursing was pure health/science based, but in the face of continuous advancement in technology even more so in the nursing career, nursing informatics was berthed.Nursing informatics (NI) is the practise that blends nursing activities with information and communication technology and client data collection and processing, in order to improve nursing practises and the health care of people and families around the world. NI assists health workers, nurses and patients as well as stakeholders in taking major decision to achieve effective healthcare delivery.An informatics nurse combines computer science, information technology and healthcare to establish optimal resources for data storage, security and general utilization of information in the care for clients and patients.


Of interpreting data or information to the nurses, patients and healthcare workers alike premised on more detailed information. Other duties they perform ranges from programs developing, training of workers and maintenance of systems amongst others. Not to forget sales of this systems if they find themselves outside the health sector.However, one thing that stands out in the job of a nursing informatics is that they can diversify. They get to work in different fields of healthcare, such as primary healthcare, pharmacology, public and intensive care. They function has system and clinical analyst's, project manager and information systems developer and maintainer to mention a few.

Nursing informatics earn big fat cheques whether as a full time staff or a consultant, making it a viable profession for vibrant entrepreneurs who are looking to pursue a career path in this field. Note that with the growth of IT in the health sector, in the coming years nursing informatics ‘ll be in high demand. So avail yourself this opportunity and take up a course in this field today if you have passion for nursing or healthcare in general.
Nurses are well on their way to being the next best thing with the health sector moving into electronic and information technology space. And this ‘ll place healthcare reform agenda of governments on a high pedestal by way of creating software for professional  proficiency and patients safety by nurses themselves. It is needless to say the prospects of this discipline for intending nurses and  how important it is for existing nurses to update their knowledgebase digital detectives to track and clamp down the activities of this criminal elements in the cyberspace?.



Over to take the number one position in the world crime watch scene. At its inception,  the internet held a lot of promises for the development of research in science, yet hidden stayed the many potentials it held, inhibiting moves to put up more protective measures.This is why in recent times, theft of monies and personal information are the reports flying around the mass media. People are exposed to the dangers of their identity being stolen, for a meagre investment of getting a laptop and an internet connection by criminal minded fellows. Reports have shown that almost eight point one million Americans have suffered this and loss of money running into hundreds of millions, this without a doubt has put a spin on the criminal investigation dimension.Over the years this principle has proven to be effective.. Though it's hard to fathom if a computer could ever be a hundred percent secure or hack proof, because hackers will still gain access to any computer they set out to invade.


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His theory states that "every contact leaves a trace", meaning a criminal will bring something to the crime scene and take something from it and these is a good source of forensic evidence. One may think this applies more to physical crimes and not to crimes perpetuated in space. This therefore begs the question can Locards principle be applied to electronic fraud and can it help out




To a lay man the cyber criminal doesn’t leave behind any physical indicator that he had accessed the computer, but from a  hi- tech point of view fragments of evidence are left behind. From the computer file access log and analysis of the system hardrive it can be ascertained if a computer was accessed and if there was any network operations, as well as looking out for suspicious activities from the internet service provider logs.


This criminal activity is not targeted at acquiring personal information and quick cash alone, but also at large industries, organization and government. Thereby posing a threat to national security and economies around the world. Organisational ideals and practises generated over the years by hardworking people are stolen and traded to competing organisations without any thought for best practises.


This principle is very important in gathering evidence against cyber criminals. However one need to determine if there are two items at the scene of the crime (though virtual), is there contact between the scene and the perpetrator and was there an exchange of materials. And with this digital analysts have been able to prove that Locards exchange principle does apply to cybercrime as well as it does to physical crimes.



According to business dictionary, “globalization is the worldwide movement towards economic, financial, trade and communications integration. GLOBALIZATION implies the opening of local and nationalistic perspectives to a broader outlook of an interconnected and interdependent world with free transfer of capital goods and services across national frontiers”. Simply put, globalization is the coming together of people, businesses and governments  for the purpose of international trade and investment which is achieved through information technology.

Other school of though believes that globalization a way of killing local industries and cultural identity of people. But whether it us viewed as a good or bad phenomenon, it has been around for a while and has connected economies and countries of the world making the world a global village.

No gain saying the impact of globalization is very visible for all to see has it has touched virtually all aspect of human existence so much so at a speed of light. Although it comes with the good and bad stuff, it has changed the world mostly noticed in the area of technological advancement urbanization and eating habits, thereby making people closely knitted.

Technological Revolution
Technology is a major player in globalization. It can be said to be a blessing or a curse depending on the view of the person defining it. The fact is that technology has penetrated every book of the world, even some remote areas and has brought so much convenience and luxury to our daily lives such as smartphones, television, refrigerators, air conditioners, cash cards to mention a few.  And with the advent of the internet, the concept of globalization Was taken to the next level, has people became more closer, information and ideas as well as innovations were being exchanged at the blink of an eye, this no doubt touched all field of study of human endeavour.

Altered Food Habit

As much good has technology brings, it has also made the world a scary place with threat to life's and properties, people losing their jobs to machines, addiction and dependence on machines, rising inequality among countries and people and environmental degradation. The world is becoming fat fast and unhealthy, because of the modern eating habits of people. Focus is now placed more on delicacies that might not be nutritious but that fits global trend. Most of the food we consume nowadays are canned and have been sprayed with one pesticide or the other, which in turn wrecks great havoc to human body.

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