SHAREit for PC - Sharing Made Easy On Your Windows Desktop/Laptop With SHAREit App

SHAREit is the fastest cross-platform sharing app. It enables you to share files, regardless of the file format (you can share images, audio, contacts, video and pdf etc.), with other devices which have SHAREit installed. It was developed by LENOVO. One of the best features of this app is that you can share the files with multiple users at the same time (SHAREit connects the multiple devices in a WLAN network type, creating a small network.Once connected, the files can be shared to all the devices simultaneously). I am Using SHAREit on PC Windows Can I send a file without internet? You don’t need an internet connection to transfer the data, hence you need not worry about the Wi-Fi network or mobile data plan. It basically creates a hotspot connection between your device and the other device to which you want to transfer the file to. The only requirement is that both the sending and the receiving devices must have the SHAREit app installed on them.

Need to share files with your friend with a windows phone? Want to connect your phone to your computer? Well, no problem, it is easily done with SHAREit. Just download the SHAREit app according to your device. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. It is fast (200 times faster than Bluetooth), easy and secure. You can share large files within no time. SHAREit for pc enables you to connect your computer to another computer or phone, hence making file sharing easy.

Requirements for Connecting PC to the Phone Using SHAREit:

Steps to Connect Your Computer to Your Android Phone:

Normal way:

You can also connect your pc to your android phone using the qr code. It’s easy and more secure, just follow the steps given below:

Some of the Great Features of SHAREit for PC are Here:

Minimum System Requirements:

Points to Note Before You Begin:

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